Friday, September 25, 2009

Knitting. Yes, Really.

So internet, I know you thought I was kidding about knitting. But, I was not! See! I'm making some socks for my dad for Christmas and 1) they are actually turning out like they should and 2) they're not making me want to scratch my eyes out. Well, that's not entirely true. Since it was a new pattern and a new method of knitting socks (for me at least), I was almost driven insane by the cast on and beginning of the magic loop method. But, alas, I am (daresay) a pro now! I cruise right along knitting those things, and it's fun, not like the evil double point socks where the little dinky 6 inch toothpicks go flying every two seconds. No, the needles stay put and don't make me want to scream!

This is a picture of the socks. See, I'm really far along. Ha! This is like 5 hours of knitting. Kind of sad huh? I think I need to pick up the pace, or maybe learn to pick, instead of throw. (Knitters, you know what I mean).
I also realized today that it might really be time to clean the old house, since I could hardly find a clean place to take this picture. So, I guess that will be my weekend project.
I have a couple other projects in the works, but one is from "Santa", so I hesitate to post it here. See, I really am an elf! The other one, I cannot find my size 13 needles so I cannot actually start it.
Also, this weekend, Lily and I are going to work on her Halloween costume. She is a medieval princess. Of course, her dress is going to be bright teal and pink satin, which of course they had in the middle ages. But, it will be cute. She's going to help me so she can earn part of a patch for girl scouts. Really, I'm just going to see how much of it she will do herself so I can do nothing. Or fold laundry, which in my world is practically nothing.
So Internet, have a great night!

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