Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Step Away From the Phone...

It has come to my attention in recent days that I may be officially addicted to my iPhone. Now, I don't want to concern anyone, but I am currently going through withdrawal.

My phone broke. Not like the screen broke and I can't see the whole thing, but actual broken. Like won't turn on or connect with my computer anymore. So why do I care? I do have a temporary replacement (which is a good thing, by the way).

I care because the severity of my said addiction is coming to light. I have to haul out my laptop to check google reader & facebook. Who knew this was SOOO much work? I don't have access to my bookmarks (oh, glorious bookmarks, what will I do without you??? - these cannot be restored because I didn't sync them with iTunes. Crap.). I have to actually find things to occupy my time that do not involve learning new ways to cook or hearing about other people's kids (nevermind that I've never met the majority of these people - it's real, man!). I can't get my contacts to text or call people that I don't have their numbers memorized. Mostly because I'm too lazy to sync the new fake phone with iTunes because it's not worth the effort since I'll just have to do it again in a few days.

So, I've managed to send my phone off for repairs. Hopefully they'll just send me a new one and I'll have it by the weekend (or Friday, my birthday!!!Yay!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I've managed to fold 8 loads of laundry, clean our living room and kitchen and make a batch of cupcakes (complete with frosting!). And, I do have some actual, interesting posts to put up. And it may actually happen since I can't spend every waking minute on my phone.

Here's to a productive week, but seriously, a girl needs some down time too!!!