Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Half Marathon Sort Of Update

So, a while ago I posted that I was training for a half marathon. Well, while that's still technically true, it's not actually happening so much in real life. So, I'm posting again for motivation (and to stop talking about it in real life. I know, it's completely self-serving. I'm sure it won't be a problem for the one person that reads this blog.

The reason for the training delay, besides lack of time, is mostly due to the fact that at the beginning of October, I was having breathing issues. I thought it was a cold so I took some time off. Then I went back to running, pretty hard for two weeks. I couldn't even run 2 miles at the beginning of the two weeks, and by the end I couldn't even make it a mile. So I took another 2 weeks off (lucky timing). Then, I tried running again one afternoon and couldn't get 4 blocks down the road before I was gasping for air and seeing shooting stars, so I decided it was time to call a doctor.

Finally I went to the esteemed doctor and he said that I have exercise induced asthma. Yay! The relief is that I have medicine and can take it to run again. The bad news is that I've had a cold since November 19th and I can hardly walk up a flight of stairs without having a coughing fit. Argh! So, since I'm finally feeling well enough to type a post, I hope I'm better soon enough to start running again. Maybe Friday (although we might go skiing this weekend, who knows...).

I've decided that I'm going to take it easy through December and start up again in January with the half marathon training. I feel like I'm a bit behind, because "everyone else is doing it", but I think it will be good to take it easy for a while then hit it hard. Hopefully December will give me time to get back up to where I was before the asthma incident. We'll see, I'll keep you posted!